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Survival Skills Every Traveler Should Learn

Before you book your next trip, ask yourself one important question: If something were to go

terribly wrong on your journey, would you have what it takes to make it home safely? If you're not sure, don't worry! Every traveler can become more prepared for unexpected mishaps and scary on-the-road scenarios: Prepare for what whatever may come your way by adopting these tried-and-tested travel “survival” techniques.Carry Food and Water: You never know when you're going to get lost in a new place so be sure to carry a bottle filled with water and a few pre-packaged snacks that contain fiber, protein, and/or unsaturated fat (think granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit). now How to Build a Fire: If you're stuck in the woods with no warmth, you'll need to know how to build a fire. You should keep a matchbox in your backpack at all times or you can learn some of these techniques to get a fire going that don't require matches.
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