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State Reserve "Vishersky"

Vishersky is an enormous national park (nearly 2,5 thousand square kilometers or 1,6 thousand

square miles - the fourth largest in Europe!!) in the very north of the Perm province. The park stretches from the Krasnovishersk district in the south to deep into the Komi Republic (which borders the Barentz Sea) in the north. Vishersky is a park of extremes. It has the highest peaks of the entire Ural Mountains, it has wild nature and it is completely uninhabited. But the most extreme thing about the park is its beauty. Mountain tops with rapid rivers, dense taiga, open plateaus, swamps and peculiar rock formations go hand in hand in Vishersky. Similar to Basegi Nature Reserve, the Vishersky Park may only be travelled accompanied by a specialised park guide and has a limit on visitor numbers. You will find yourself spending the night in a tent camp at the banks of mountain streams. The park has an extensive wildlife and is home of several protected species. At the southern end of the park, near the town of Krasnovishersk, one can often spot people at the banks of a river looking for diamonds. This very river is called the Vishera - it originates deep in the mountains in the park after which it quickly turns into a mighty river that eventually flows into the Kama. Vishersky park has the third largest diamond resource in the whole world. Diamonds are far too deep to be mined, though.
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