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Trekking around a Volcano in Bandung :Tangkuban Parahu

There is a quite famous volcano in Bandung called Tangkuban Parahu. It is about an hour’s

drive from the centre of Bandung, easy to visit, you can drive or catch one of plenty of public buses going up this Volcano as it has good parking, a poorly maintained walking trail and several tourist shops and restaurants near the crater.There’s an ancient story about this volcano that apparently looks like an upside down boat. TANGKUBAN PERAHU : One upon a time in west Java, Indonesia lived a wise king who had a beautiful daughter. Her Dayang Sumbi , she like weaving very much. Once she was weaving a cloth when one of her tool fell to the ground. She was very tired at the time so, she was too lazy to take it . Then she just shouted . ” Anybody there ? Bring me my tool. I will give you special present. If you are female , consider you as my sister. If you are male, marry you . Suddenly a male dog, its name was Tumang came, He brought her falling tool. Dayang Sumbi was very surprised. She regretted her words but she could not deny it. So, she had marry Tumang and leave her father . Then they lived in a small village Several months later they had a son. His name was Sangkuriang , he was handsome and healthy boy .
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