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The Antarctic Trek travel

I think that everyone has a dream that you don’t think is going to happen. An image that you bring to

mind, entertain for a few moments, then snuff out with a longing sigh. Mine was going to the South Pole. The seed was planted when I first heard about Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s race to the bottom of the world in school and how, after heroic effort, he arrived at the pole only to find that he had been beaten by the Norwegian chancer Roald Amundsen. Exhausted, starving and freezing, Scott’s men started to topple over on the return journey to the coast. Evans was first to go, dying in his tracks. Oates, handicapped by frostbite, sacrificed himself by crawling out of the tent into a blizzard. But not before uttering the best exit line ever, ‘I’m going out for a walk now. I may be some time.’ Despite this, Scott died a few days later. Tragically, just 13 miles short of a huge depot. You think that the days of Scott and Amundsen are a long time ago? So what do you say when the man who led the third team to travel overland to the South Pole offers you a scone?
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