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I get that during the war the US obtained intel from another country (Germany?) that there was

an alien artifact (it looks like a pyramid) located in Antarctica. I see that Hitler very much believed in star people, UFOs and outside life. He was also very open to the psychic ream, and through those types of channels he learned of the existence of this "artifact" and the US intercepted this knowledge during the war. The US, knowing that Hitler discovered this and knowing that he intended to learn and investigate more, decided that they too wanted a piece of this "prize." Operation High Jump was created under the guise of being a training base, and in reality they were looking for this UFO artifact.I do get the Germans did find the artifact. They started this hunt before the US was on board with it. They kept it very secret, and were able to reverse engineer some of it to obtain some advanced technology. This technology also helped to create (and inspire) some advanced weaponry during the war. The US, not realizing it was already found, worked hard at finding it. It was then learned that the Germans already had possession of it, and therefore, quit and abandoned the mission.
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